Requirements, Prices, & Forms

Below you will find information about our pricing, services, vaccine requirements, and downloadable admission forms.



To ensure that our boarding and daycare facility is as healthy and risk-free as possible, ALL dogs on premises must be up to date on the following vaccines and documentation must be provided:

To learn more about vaccines, their importance, and how often your pet should receive them, check out these links from PetMD:




  • Single dog: $30 per night
  • Multiple dogs: $25/dog per night

**A discount will be provided for any single stay lasting 7 nights or longer**


  • A la Carte: $3 per hour
  • Packages:
    • 25 hours - $70
    • 50 hours - $137
    • 75 hours - $200
    • 100 hours - $260
    • Monthly Unlimited - $400

**Daycare hours do not expire and are logged by staff. The Unlimited package lasts for one calendar month ONLY.**


Admission form

Here is a link to our admissions form and contract, which will need to be filled out for each pet that will be staying with us. If you do not have access to a printer, you can fill it out upon arrival!


Admission Form